The beautiful wedding gown of yours might just be one of the most expensive piece of clothing that you ever purchased. And after spending literally a fortune as well your precious time towards finding the best and the perfect gown, it is also fair to give it the happily ever after feel by doing a proper gown preservation. The care of the gown begins not after the wedding is over, but the day you buy the gown.   Let’s see how you can preserve your masterpiece both before and after the wedding.

Before The Wedding

The best possible way by which you can ensure a long-term preservation of your wedding gown is to take extra caution before your special day.  Follow these tips to keep the wedding gown looking pristine during the time leading up to the ceremony:

Avoid Stains: Of course you’ll want to steer clear of anything with stain potential on your wedding day, but did you know the pollen from flowers could be one of the biggest culprits? Specifically, the super-potent pollen found in lilies. Florists know to pull off the pollen bits with shears, but the problem comes when there are closed-up buds in your bouquet that open up right before you walk down the aisle. Double check that your florist removed the buds, and designate a bridesmaid to be on the lookout for buds that may need snipping. ” wedding gowns

Carry It Safely: Never go easy on the transportation of the dress, always carry it in its appropriate garment bag and just to be that extra safe when traveling wrap the key areas of the gown like embellishments, with uncoloured and acid free tissue paper.

Later , The Better : Putting on your wedding gown should be the last thing you do before heading out the door. By doing this, you can avoid any food, drink and makeup stains that may be part of the dressing up process and you need to be extra cautious especially with silks and rayons, that are known to be extremely water sensitive

After The Wedding

Congratulations for making it through your special day without any real damage to your beautiful wedding gown. Now it is certain that you won’t be giving the gown right away to the cleaners after the reception. So in order to keep the beauty safe in the meantime, you must follow the following must do’s:

Use A Garment Bag : keeping your gown wrapped up in cloth bags.  Plastic traps the moisture, which means more dew and mouldy smell and plastic also emits fumes which can yellow your gown if it is of light pastel colour.  It is always a good idea to keep your wedding gown in its proper garment bag away from light.

Lay It Flat Or Hang It Properly :

When keeping it always lay your wedding gown as flat as possible and in case you want to hang it, hang your wedding gown, but remember to hang it by the loops which are located inside and never with the shoulder straps to avoid stretching the seams and shoulder straps.

Cleaning Is The Job Of Experts : Cleaning the gown can prove to be quite tricky and one wrong move from your side would make the stain set and turn things to worse.  The best course of action is to leave the stain spot as it is until it can be professionally treated.

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