Wedding Dresses in Movies

When it comes to buying a dress for the day of your wedding dresses, our minds start searching for how we wish to look and almost 75% of the inspiration comes from brides we’ve seen in movies or real life. It is obvious every bride wants to look flawless that particular day and this requires some efforts in terms of choosing the best dress, the best makeup and the best accessories.

To make this decision of how you wish to portray yourself that day, we’ve assembled a list of dresses that the protagonists wore in many movies. The designs have varied overtime but we hope you get what your mind was searching for.

  1. Father of the Bride (1991)

If you desire simplicity yet class, have a look at this one. From a great movie, this design is really intricately designed but it is simple to carry and looks gorgeous on almost any figure. This the most common type of dress found in stores and it is pretty decent. Such a dress can also be worn after your wedding dresses on other occasions too.

2.     My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

This one’s a really out of the box style dress.  Layered with fabrics on the front, it looks extremely pretty and gives the bride a fresh look. It is unique and hence anyone who wears it becomes the centre of attraction.  If you like trying new things, go with this one.

3.     27 Dresses. (2008)

Focusing on only the plain wedding dresses, this movie has got to show some pretty decent white dresses. These are really comfortable and look amazing. The super-cute wedding gown has become one of the most iconic in the history of film.  The plunge neckline makes you look sexy. 


4.     The Phantom of the Opera. (2004).

This dress has become really famous after the movie and has been liked by people a lot. The off-shoulders piece gives a nice radiant look and the big skirt give a fairy tale like feel to the bride.


5.     Romeo + Juliet (1996)

One very simple dress from the movie Romeo + Juliet with its super elegant look and ease to carry. If you don’t want to be a statue on your wedding, this is the dress for you. The buttoned style in the front and the neck cut gives an attractive look and the plain shiny white colour contrasts very well with skin colour of almost all types.

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