A wedding is the time of joy and the time to celebrate, and you will only feel confident when you are wearing the perfect and most comfortable gown.  Not just weddings but other important occasions in your life too will need the most detailed planning.  Do not wait for the occasion to be round the corner, kindly start planning much earlier, taking time to look into yourself to unleash your inner beauty.  Your beauty is not only in your dress, it is in your smile, your confidence, your hairstyles, your shoes, etc, basically every single item you wear on your big day. 

To make this job more fun and easy we will be giving you information to help you find the perfect dress.

SMART CASUALS:  For casuals wear dress pants.  Your shirt should be a sleeveless buttoned down top or a full sleeved formal top. 

BUSINESS DRESSES:  For a business dress women should wear a pencil skirt with a full sleeve or slit sleeve buttoned shirt.

COCKTAIL GARMENTS: For a cocktail party wear a V-neck tinsel midi or a mini slip dress. You can also wear a cute one piece with a plain belt around your waist.

MARRIAGE GARMENTS: For marriage garments you can wear a dress which goes with your tradition and add a little twist to it to give it a unique look.  Make sure it is a floor length heavy gown with a long veil.  Too make it look cuter add a little crown on your head and voila! You are ready to wear the best wedding dress. 

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