Fashion has developed over and above 100 years as of now. It has indistinctly grown and changed across these years. Be it a change in type of clothing to wear or to the wedding veils. Veils are a piece of fabric which covers the hair and face of the bride. A bride wears veils through the ceremony. It also has a symbolic reference with the virginity thereafter. It was a social as well as a style statement used.

In 1920s brides favoured the lace cloche headdresses, some encircled with flowers. Veils are made with silk materials and decorated with flowers and leaves that would match the blooms in her bouquet. While in 1930s and into the starting of 40sbrides preferred sheer veils hanging loosely over their heads. In 1950s brides favoured outpouring in elaborate bridal accessories brought about real style statement pieces including birdcage veils and slender fitting skullcap veils. While veils took a sharp turn as preference were given to veils with bohemian prints and modern ways of styling veils were invented. The mellow drama of the birdcage veils were dropped down in 60s.Long flowy styles became popular look of that time. Veils were attached to the pillbox hats to give it a clear look. While 1970s saw the rise of sheer veils with floral crowns draped over the top. By 1980s, the bigger the better was the trend. Princess Diana’s mammoth veil setting the trend for a whole generation of brides made a statement. Her veil was almost 24 feet long but the perfect length to make a dramatic statement as she entered St.Paul’s cathedral. It is considered the strongest and the most recognisable style in the history of wedding veils.  


While the recent flashback to 2011 and Kate Middleton’s 72 inch ivory silk veil also made a dramatic entrance at Westminster. Unlike the other veils, the dynamic one was without the comb, instead the skilfully pinned behind the halo tiara and resting on her Demi Chignon styled hair.

Kate Veil

 Today in the modern fashion world, brides puts emphasises on sheer fabrics and high detail in some cases.

Overall veils had been a complete change over the years. It is even preferred for utterly romantic wedding shoot. Veils not only adds the traditional vibes to the wedding outfit but also makes a bride look amazing beneath the sheer silk, net fabric. We have a great collection of veils which would make you rock it with a statement yet making it extremely traditional on the imperative occasion.  


Some might valuate that it is easy to choose the wedding outfit as it the typical white traditional flowy gown with veil over the top of the head. But to the matter of the fact, it is highly difficult to choose a wide range of different wedding outfits. Every piece is alone a masterpiece in its own. It is equally imperative to make the wedding outfit proportional to the identity of the bride and keeping in mind the ongoing trends and taste of fashion to the bride. So unleash the elegant pieces of veils and grab one for your bride.