Find the one that will WOW your guests and work well with your overall theme and look.

          We,at Finesse Inc do all kind of wedding gowns like classic, rustic, romantic, vintage, casual, modern and whimsical.

          You’ve had  your engagement party, secured your venue and wedding planner, now onto the fun part-WEDDING GOWN. The last thing you want is your dress experience to be something out of bridesmaid movie scene. To find out the perfect one you need, the answer is FINESSE INC.

Bored of  long  wedding gowns?

          At Finesse Inc. we do have a team of designers to design your dress as a unique one.

What else can you get in Finesse Inc?

          Other than a wedding gown we have bridesmaid dress, flower girl gown and also evening gowns in colours which suit you. All kinds of gowns in one destination. Think of a Gown,  think Finesse Inc.

Why Finesse Inc.?

          We make your gown customised at Finesse Inc. with unique embroidery which is done by our in-house karigars/ beaders. And also we make customised Veils and Accessories to match the gown.

What if the price goes high?

          You get the customised unique gown and perfect matched accessories. The best quality of fabric, stitching, fitting and durability. The price at Finesse Inc. is reasonable and worthy for the gown.

          We have gowns spanning a wide price range. You can get your Special Dress for the range you opt for.