I was just turning back to tell him about my uncle when I saw nothing and my eyes went low to find him on his knees, a dry rose in hand and another hand waiting to grab mine. Astounded as I was for that brief moment, I think words wouldn’t do justice to that prettier than ever feeling that that particular 10 seconds window gave me”

If we can go back in time, I am sure many of us would want to live their “Proposal Moment” again or would want to make it more exciting. A little clarification that’s necessary before I head on to describe the tricks for a perfect proposal, no proposal is ‘not-perfect’. As long as a proposal is about two loved ones getting together forever, it’s always super perfect no matter if it had those cheesy lines/gifts/situation or not.

The love day is near and if you’re planning to surprise your person, I’ve got the best tricks for you. Keep reading to find out how.

  1. Don’t plan too much

This might be sounding odd to you but genuinely, events that are planned too much don’t end up being executed the way they were meant to be. Take it easy and go with the flow. It’s okay if the roses didn’t fall on him the time he entered or if your dress didn’t look great. Love is not about all this but about the beauty of you two together. Enjoy that!


  1. Keep phones away (Please)

We understand how cute some moments are how you want to capture them so as to cherish them later but trust me, capturing in heart with your hands not busy in balancing your phone but busy in hugging him would bring memories so time resistant, you cannot forget them in your lifetime.


  1. Café/Restaurants are a big big NO

This modernised world has already given us lots to visits to cafes. Why spoil this little moment again in any new café? This time is meant to be celebrated somewhere where there is tranquillity. Try going to some green place, enjoy the breeze, enjoy the sunset. If possible, trekking is a good idea for both of you.


  1. Remember your moments of togetherness

Before you propose, you need to create the best situation wherein both of you are enjoying the company. You can either play some games or remember your old memories. Don’t just suddenly sit and propose him, create a situation that makes the proposal even more beautiful. Both of you should feel grateful of having one another.


  1. What to take along?

This is probably one difficult question that people face. Truly speaking, you can have the best proposal even without having anything with you. If you still want to get something for yourselves, try small muffins, chocolates, good playlist (must have) and an amazing mood.


  1. My word of advice

If ever it happens that you don’t find the proposal as you expected or you don’t get those “OMG” vibes with it, just relax. Don’t think about how it should have gone or how it went wrong, just appreciate the present as it is and stop judging. If you guys really want the best proposal, believe that you actually had the best proposal. This would work for all lovely couples around.