We understand how difficult it must be for any to-be bride to make a choice on wedding dress design. Of course it’s the dress you’re going to wear on the most special day of your life and you would want to scrounge until you find the best option for yourself. At this time of the year, magazines are filled with the new collections launched by numerous fashionistas around the globe and looking at each of them yourself is little difficult for any work person. We, however make things easy and we’ve considered almost all new designs and brought to you the best of all. If you want to find out what the latest bridal dress trend is, keep reading the blog below. When you think of a bridal dress, the sheer white one piece comes as naturally to you as ABCD to any 6 years old child. Well, this time, fashion has taken a little turn and given a little more preference to the colour black as well. Contrast of both the colours is bringing out really pretty designs that look amazing on any bride.Apart from these combos of white & black, back in fashion is the non-white bridal gown. With a skirt and lots of layering, these add a new dimension to the overall look and provide Cinderella type vibes. When coupled with a pair of high and classy looking heals, the complete dress becomes a style statement! Try them in any colour be it bright blue or pastel pink. These cascading ruffles make any colour come out bright and fresh.Another everlasting design in trend now-a-days is the mermaid gown. These body fit corsets with opaque and translucent covering at different parts gives a nice sexual appeal. The curvy figure is highlighted with an intricately designed skirt full of beads and embroidery. Club it with a matching choker for a little icing on the cake effect. The best thing about them is the comfort they provide and how they can be worn again at many other occasions.Simple wedding dresses are forever cherished no matter how much the stock of new designs take over the market. There is definitely some relation between simplicity and white which makes the combination aesthetically appealing to all. The long one piece dresses all in pearl white clubbed with georgette work on the neck area or a big ribbon that makes a statement. These dresses provide EXTREME comfort and absolute beauty. They give pretty much a modern look along with a historic feel.No wedding dress is complete without accessories and bridal hat is one of the most important of them. Giving an elegant, classic 1880’s feels, these pretty and intricately designed hats add to the complete look giving it a nice English touch. Varying from long, short, beaded, plain, these hats come in all types and are easily available at any store.Lastly, hand gloves! We are super sure you’ll go crazy over them. The season brings you absolutely cute gloves with unlimited types that will make you look at your hand again and again. Varying from covered gloves to only net gloves, there is one for everyone.